Michael Kerins

A master storyteller, working at ease with pre-schoolers through to the elderly.  Proficient in stand-up and storytelling, and has run workshops in care homes, prisons, hospitals and rehabilitation programmes, as well as mentoring with the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

Michael Kerins was born to tell stories – he learned from his blind father, whose gift for oral communication was immense.

Born and bred in Glasgow, of Glasgow born parents, Michael is a master storyteller – a multi award winner including the all Scotland Tall-Tales Storytelling Oscar 2008 and Aye Write Tall Tales Oscar 2010. He is seen by many as a great all rounder – at ease with any age range and ability – He works well with Pre 5s – through to the older generation at reminiscence workshops in Care Homes- Prisoners and young offenders those in hospital or rehabilitation programmes. His stand-up is hilarious.

Michael is an ambassador for Storytelling and has set up several projects, which are now worldwide – he built www.slatecharity.com to explain this work- whether it is delivering lectures at pedagogical universities here or abroad or in nurture classes with young primary children Michael is at ease with his audiences – and they with him.  He is a member of British Actors Equity, and  also mentors those interested in storytelling in line with guidance from the Scottish Storytelling Forum of which he is a member.

Michael is a former chairman of Glasgow Storytellers. His style is funny often chaotic and punchy yet his ability to challenge the audience is very powerful. He is the only storyteller living and working in Scotland to have had seven sell-out shows at the famous Glasgow Citizens’ Theatre.

“Michael Kerins is Scotland’s Hans Christian Andersen” – Duncan Williamson


met Michael 12 years ago, when I was a fresher of Perm State Teacher’s Training University. Never in my life before had I witnessed such art as storytelling. It doesn’t exist in Russia. Since those days Michael has been coming to Russia every year bringing a lot of charity help for homeless children and visually impaired kids, also promoting the idea of sexual health among teenagers.
Last year I invited Michael to perform for my students. It was unforgettable experience for them as he managed to involve them into telling the story by themselves and acting.
It’s amazing how Michael can make a story out of any trifle. Two stories were born just in my presence: “Yellow” and “Dancing Policeman”. The first one was invented right at my parents’ home and told to my nephew and the second “policeman” was in fact my cousin.
He deserves an award!

For me Michael Kerins is the first story teller that I heard in my life. He opend the world of storytelling for me and inspired me and my students. He tells his stories in such artistic manner that plunge all listeners into the story and makes feel the part of it.  The message of every story is very humanistic and make one think that we are humans first of all and should love  and help those people who need our help and love. I think of him as a real humanist. As he travels all over the world he spreads his human ideas and his love to people to every small corner, to every person. I was inspired to develop story telling skills with my students. And I hope he will win the nomination, it will support his story telling and charity that he does quite a lot.


Outstanding Male Storyteller 2012