Daniel Morden

Daniel Morden has been a professional storyteller since 1989. He has heard and told stories all over the world, from the Arctic to the Pacific to the Caribbean, in schools, museums, libraries, theatres and festivals. His repertoire ranges from nonsense to wonder tale to epic.

His performances of Greek myth with Hugh Lupton won the Classical Association Award in 2006 for ‘The most significant contribution to the public understanding of The Classics’. He has toured widely with The Devil’s Violin Company, integrating music with story.

“To experience Daniel Morden in full flight is an amazing thing. He combines the skills of the troubadour, the actor, the bard, the standup comedian and the preacher in the pulpit. One of the UK’s greatest storytellers.” -Ian MacMillan, Radio 3


I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed Daniel’s performances in a variety of setting, both with and without collaboration. In classrooms and school halls, he has captured the attention of all present; his work with Hugh Lupton on classical material is superb; and at recent Beyond the Border he was on excellent form!. It has also been my pleasure to see and hear The Devil’s Violin Company perform three different pieces, four very talented people, words and music in harmony, with Daniel’s dramatic telling enthralling the audience.

I would like to nominate Daniel Morden:
For dedication to reaching audiences (especially children) around the globe. For successfully and continually highlighting ‘stories for survival’ – ie introducing children (and adults) to the darker aspects of fairy tales in ways that highlight the importance of stories as tools for personal growth and the development of inner strength. For well-crafted collaborations that incorporate wonderful music into equally wonderful stories.
But most of all, for crafting intelligent stories that are genuinely for all ages and appeal not only to the head, but go straight to the heart.


Outstanding Male Storyteller 2012 and Outstanding Multi Arts Project/Production 2012