Liz Weir Welcome, happy traveller!  You have found the freshly burnished website of the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence!

While ideas take shape for future award ceremonies, we have made our archive of artists, performances and storytelling projects available for you to explore.  This archive showcases storytellers which have been shortlisted for BASE awards before, which we hope give a taste of the fantastic wealth and breadth of storytelling in the UK.

Featured Profiles

Here are a couple of profiles picked at random every three hours to whet your appetite.

  • Maria Whatton & Sarah Matthews – The Lunar Men

    The Lunar Men is a collaborative and interactive performance piece centred around the extraordinary characters of the Lunar Society, a group of dynamic inventors, experimenters, and philosophers of the Eighteenth Century. Their story is interwoven with exquisite and comic folk tales, combining Maria’s rich and eloquent storytelling and Sarah’s responsive musicianship and singing.

  • Michael Harvey – Hunting the Giant’s Daughter

    Hunting the Giant’s Daughter is a faithful and contemporary retelling of the earliest Arthurian tale with a multi-intrumentalist Stacey Blythe and singer Lynne Denman and is produced by Adverse Camber Productions.

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